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Back around 1973 Pat Long and Chris Whitney, just making their way in the post-high-school world, took off for Granite City, Illinois, to drive fork lifts, hone their picking skills and write. Over the next few years they co-wrote The Poet and the Musicman for each other. If it was ever recorded back in those days, I've not found a copy of it. I think Chris has wanted to preserve it for all of us ever since Pat left, and he has finally done that in George Barton's home studio. It's a heartfelt conversation between two old friends.

It seems that after all their time together
The poet and the music man are one

The full lyrics can be found on the centerfold of Pat's memorial Booklet. The poster set up on the stage at the Reunion and Tribute carried these lines.

He will be a music man
His fingers will caress a world
And give it all the comfort
that eludes even he

You can download the mp3 here

Thanks Chris and George.