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The reunion was a huge success, from every point of view.

It was standing room only . . . 200 plus packed the University Club . . . we raised almost $4,700 for Cassie and Olivia . . . heard lots of great music . . . laughed with old and new friends . . . left the floor wet with tears . . . what more could you ask.

The reunion featured opening sets by Kevin Welch, Libby Harding & Gary Johnson, and George & Linda Barton (Pat's sister) with Mike Long (his brother), followed by the main attraction, Blue Rose Cafe. The band's reincarnation included Kevin, Gary, Steve Grunder, Mike McCarty, John Arnold, Bob French, and guests John Hadley, Mark Dulac, Nick Rorick and Lora Larson.

Greg Johnson, an old friend of the band from the Blue Door in OKC, emcee'd the show and handled promotion and advertising. Articles in the Tulsa World and the Daily Oklahoman, along with radio shows and flyers posted in Norman and OKC, packed the house. Thanks to Greg and all his folks for a great job!

The band finished their set with "Train to Birmingham", a John Hiatt song that Kevin learned from Pat, and later recorded. Mike McCarty played a video montage of old pics of Pat on the big screen TV as Kevin led the band. There are two shots of that moment, Jack's and Linda's.

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Here are Jack's pictures of the rehearsal.

Here are Jack and Barbara's from the reunion itself. Excuse the quality of those shot in stage lighting without flash . . . I need more experience with that.

Here are Mike Long's pics of the rehearsal and reunion.

Here are Linda's.

Here are Mike Masterson's.

Here are Lora's.

Here are Nancy Dillon's.

Thanks to Jim Best (and Becky) here are the only pictures we have of the gathering of friends and family in our back yard on the night of Pat's memorial service, just three days after he left us. It was a somber, but joyous, celebration of his life.